Friday, July 01, 2011

Writing Until My Hand Falls Off

Okay, so I'm resurrecting this poor blog again. Since I write so much for a living, it's hard to put even more time into writing. Sometimes, I just need a break! My kids, however, are gone for ten days on an Alaskan cruise with my parents. This may be why I started blogging again. I have a false sense of my free time. Actually, I know this to be true because I also finished three articles for Bright Hub, a site that I normally don't have a enough time to write for even though I get decent hits on my articles. It's nice for extra income, but again, it's writing.

So, you may wonder what I spend all my time writing. Let me make a nice little list for you:
  1. I write stories and descriptions for Threshold RPG. (This is a text-based game, so you can only imagine how much writing goes into this. I have to describe every little thing just so players can read it once and ignore it forever more.)
  2. I write stories and descriptions for Primordiax. (Again, this is a text-dominated game.)
  3. I write 90% of the design documents for our latest project that currently has the code name of CoW. (We will be releasing this game for beta testing in about a month.)
  4. I write articles for Bright Hub whenever I can. The extra income is nice.
  5. I am currently working on a novel based on Norse mythology. I have no idea if this book will ever be released because sometimes I go months without having time to write on it.
  6. I have a short story that I am completing for one of our games. Really, that may never get done either, but I add a few paragraphs here and there.
  7. When I'm not working, I am writing up specs for games that I am currently not working on. Yes, I am developing and designing games even in my free time!
  8. When the kiddos are in school, I write a lot of letters.
  9. I write emails to all sorts of people in regards to our business and our games.
  10. I write all sorts of presentations. This is not a favorite past time of mine, but I use the presentations every time someone asks me to speak at a school or a gathering. They're useful!
  11. I get a ridiculous number of chat requests from our customers and sometimes from friends. That's a lot of typing! I don't know if that's really considered writing, but I usually think out my replies before I send them. I think it should count.
Okay, that's a short list. I should add blogging to the list now as well. I'd add Facebooking for our business, but that's just getting a bit ridiculous. My whole life would be writing then, but it really isn't. I spend a good deal of time playing games with my kids, playing games with my husbands, and playing games by myself. Okay, so maybe my life is writing and games. How cool is that?


Diane Carlisle said...

You do a lot of the same stuff I do! I have an unfinished novel AND am revising (always) about 5 of my short stories. It's fun!

Pang said...

One day, I will get one of those stories done!