Monday, July 18, 2011

Where the Weres Go

So, I've been reading a few paranormal romances lately. Patricia Briggs is one of my favorites, and then I decided that maybe I should try to write a paranormal romance short story as a project. I wanted to see if I could make a really wimpy were-animal be sexy. After discarding the were-corgi as my choice of topics, I decided on the were-earthworm.

About two minutes into thinking about the story, I realized that this could only end badly. Not only are were-earthworms really not sexy; I'd have to go down the route of tentacle porn if I was going to write this story. That really seemed unappealing to me despite the fact that I'm Asian, so I decided to discard my idea.

Instead, I went to bother my husband about were-orcas and were-corgis. I guess the only point to this blog post is that sometimes it's good that a project dies before a single word ever gets written.


Michael said...

Were-corgis are ferocious.

Deborah MacArthur said...

After reading this I went out to run errands and suddenly was hyper aware of all the dead worms I stepped over in the process. I think a were should have a longer lifespan and maybe the power to repel ants.

Diane Carlisle said...

What about were-seahorses? :)

Pang said...

If we had were-seahorses, the men would have to carry the babies to term. That might make for a very weird yet interesting situation!