Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are you going to write your book?

This is a question I ask myself frequently. There are currently a ton of demands on my time, and I wonder whether or not it is worth it to shift my time towards my book. Writing the book is a daunting task, but getting it published is what I truly fear. When I read that some of my favorite authors were rejected hundreds of times before they got their first book published, I cringe. They must have spent almost as much time getting their book published as they did writing it... if not more.

So, with that in mind, I put my partially written book on the shelf, and I'll work on it every now and then. The story sits in my head, and new scenes come to me constantly. I really want to tell this story, and I really want people to read it and enjoy it. It's just that the hurdles always seemed far too big.

Now, I feel that with eBooks, there's a chance for good writers to be read without ever knowing the right people or getting the perfect set of eyes to read a single book. I recently read up on Barnes & Nobles and their PubIt! program, and I'm very intrigued. takes 35% of the proceeds for every book sold, but seriously, that's not that bad. I've heard of publishing companies that take more. Plus, if you do manage to sell quite a few books on PubIt!, I bet that publishers will be more than willing to print the rest of your books.

So, once I put our new game out, I think I'll put some serious time towards my book. You guys will have to buy it, read it, and tell everyone how good (or awful) it is!


Diane Carlisle said...

I would recommend joining a local writer's association. You can get a lot of support from other writers who are not published (yet). There are writers and there are authors.

Also, you can join a critique group and benefit quite a bit by getting input from future likely readers of your material.

I would check out and if you're interested in feedback and general writing discussions. The members in these groups/forums are aspiring authors, professional editors and published authors. They are helpful and it's sometimes fun to watch them debate about writing. TEEHEE! How funny is that? :D

T said...

I hope you do finish the book and put it out there. You're an amazing storyteller and writer. I've known this my whole life.