Sunday, March 10, 2013

Top 5 Signs That You Are a Game Designer

5) Whenever engaged in a mundane activity, you think that you could make this into a game.

It doesn't matter what activity you're involved in doing. You think there must be an awesome game there. That's exactly how cooking games came to be. When I was working on a cooking system for one of our games, every time I was cutting, stirring, chopping, smashing, chilling, or doing anything- no matter how mundane- I was sure there was a way to turn it into a game. Epic game designers probably think about how to turn pooping into a game.

4) You start bedtime stories for your children with, "Hey, honey, pretend you're playing a game involving mushrooms, badgers, and llamas that create a trade nation, what would you do?"

Seriously, you view your children as real sources for game design solutions, and you pick their innocent little brains as much as possible. It doesn't even have to be your children. It could be random children off the street. Just remember that parents don't appreciate it when you, a stranger, offer their children candy- no matter how good your intentions may be.

3) When faced with a growth of mushrooms and admiring the beauty of nature for exactly 3.8 seconds,  you immediately start wondering how many points/xp/resources/gold you could get for stomping/gathering/smashing/kissing every single mushroom.

Yeah, you've been there. You start eyeing everything in terms of what you SHOULD be able to get out of it if you did a particular action. The good thing is that many pots remain unbroken, mushrooms un-stomped, and trees un-chopped because you can't figure out what you'd actually gain from it in real life. So, you glance at it, admire it and move on- blissfully thinking about how you can incorporate such action in a game and how you can reward a player for it.

2) When irritated by someone, you wonder how you can build them into your game and really teach them a lesson.

Every now and then someone really irritates me. It's usually on the road or at my children's school. Someone already made a game for drivers who piss you off. It's called Crazy Taxi! And I don't think you can make a game that advocates violence in schools at this day and age.. even if it's against parents. Thus, you have to get creative and name the person who irritated you as some wimpy, puke colored dragon in your RPG. (Don't be surprised if you end up a puke colored dragon in my next game!)

1) You write a blog post about the Top 5 Signs That You Are a Game Designer and strategize how to get the most Likes, +s, Shares, Re-Blogs, Re-posts, Links, and Tweets you can get...

because there MUST be an extrinsic reward of some kind. You can't just blog for sheer enjoyment of writing or any other kind of intrinsic reward.


Diane Carlisle said...

This is true. I once read a list of poopie types and thought there is a game that could be made like word search only with pictures of all the poopie types.

Pang said...

That's just a little bit nasty, ma'am! I'm down with making a game about poop, though. I'll just be grossed out the whole time I'm designing it.

Deborah MacArthur said...

Does it count if you are washing dishes or scrubbing the oven and think that should have earned enough XP by now to have a wand or your own drone or...truth is I want my own fairy godmother on call 24/7. This doesn't make me a game designer. It probably just means I've lost touch with reality. Again. Story of my life =)