Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sometimes I Just Don't Post

I've got about 6 drafts of mostly written blog posts that I just end up not posting. I'm not exactly sure why I don't finish them or post them. I think most of them just ramble way too much. A few are simply too ranty for me to post. I don't like to regret anything I've written.

Still, I resolved to post a little something every day if possible, so I guess today I'm posting about why I write but don't post. Maybe by identifying the problem, I'll quit thinking I will go back to finish some of those drafts instead of just writing something new, short, and sweet... like this post.

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Diane Carlisle said...

You should think about taking up the A-Z Challenge. That's where you write on a theme where everything you write about (each post)begins with the letter of the day (I do it by week).

A is for Aggravation
B is for Boredom
C is for Charmed

All are emotions!

Then it gets pretty hard when you get to letters like Q and Z and X.

Try it sometime!