Saturday, February 09, 2008

I've been assimilated!

One of my buddies, a friend I made online years ago when I was just playing games and not developing them, convinced me that it would be smart to create a developer's blog even if no one ever reads this. It'll be good to look back and see the process in which our games come alive.

I'm, honestly, a little bit late. I've been working on Threshold RPG for approximately 8 years now, and Primordiax has been in development for over 4 years. Blogging was not really a big hit back then, and I'd given up on my diaries because it was simply too slow to have to write everything down manually. In addition, I had to keep up with a book. I have no idea where all my diaries are now. Blogging was so non-existent that we had a player named Blog before blogging ever existed! (On Threshold, we have have pretty strict name rules, and common words are not allowed to be used as names.)

Anyway, here's the first post. It's not that interesting, but it'll serve until I can write something more exciting. There won't be much this month. Primordiax is going into Phase II testing, and I'm scrambling to get everything done.

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